We hold 2 concerts during the year: a semester-end concert typically the first Thursday in December (our Holiday Concert) and one the last Thursdays in April or the first Thursday in May (our Spring Concert) at 2:30 pm (for the school) and at 7 pm (for parents and the general public).

Call times for performers are 2 pm and 6:15 pm in their usual rehearsal place.
Children should wear their music shirt, dark pants or skirt (knee length), and closed-toe shoes for the daytime performance and “Sunday best” for the evening performance. For the Holiday Concert, children are encouraged to wear white/black/red/green, and for the Spring Concert, bright spring colors. All clothing should be in good repair (no holes, rips, etc.)
All concerts take place in the gym. Those attending should be in their seats by 6:50 pm for pre-show entertainment.
We do not serve refreshments at our concerts. This greatly simplifies the custodial needs for those evenings. We are so grateful for the extra support our custodial staff provides for our evening performances.
To view information/posters from previous concerts, please see the links to subpages below.
Sometimes we may have a special performance or field trip, such as during the Foothill Fall Festival, to the orchestra’s local “Spring Fling,” or at a service performance in the community as invited. Those performances are made by special arrangement and must be planned in communication with the school principal. Information regarding a special performance or field trip should be communicated by the directors to the parents in an email or flyer.