Requested Classroom Supplies:

1 personal pencil box- labeled with name

4 different colors of highlighters- any colors

1 small pair of scissors- pointed usually works best

Pencils- at least 12, any style

Colored ballpoint pens (2 colors please)

1 pair of sturdy headphones- no earbuds please

An old Adult-sized T-shirt (for art projects)- label it with a Sharpie Marker

1 box each- Gallon, Quart, Sandwich zipper bags- any brand

400+ 3×5” index cards (Dollar Store Item!- They usually have double quantity packs during Back to School)

1 Box Facial Tissue- any brand/size

Requested Project Supplies– bring them when you can…I’ll be sending requests throughout the year:

2 empty clear 2-Liter soda bottles with lids

3 skeins of embroidery floss in Mom’s favorite color

1 shoe box- medium sized with lid

1 container of Disinfecting Wipes

Wish List Requests:

In our classroom, we do things a little differently!  It’s an exciting evolvement, and catered to our classroom of kids who are just wired a little differently!  If you think you’d be able to donate to the cause and help out, please visit:

***In 4thgrade ALL it is our goal to learn and achieve in a variety of ways.  Any donation you can give toward this effort will be greatly appreciated.  A suggested amount, district wide, for ALL is $40, but not required.  This money will help to cover some of the costs of classroom materials, art supplies, recess equipment, field trips, an special projects.  You may donate by making a check out to Foothill.  Please return the check to me so I can make sure it gets placed in the proper school account.  Thank you so much for your support!

Thank you!

Mrs. Erin Lamichhane