Welcome to a new and exciting school year. I am so excited that you will be attending my class and I am looking forward to getting to know you. The following list will help guide you in buying the things you need for fifth grade and some of the items you can keep at home.

·       You can have a pencil bag if you’d like. No pencil boxes please. There will be no room in your desk due to books and journals.

·       A small pencil sharpener that catches the shavings would be great.

·       If you want a folder with two pockets for home work you could get one with a really cool picture that you like. Or you could use the one I bought or even the official Foothill Elementary home work folder.

·       You will be supplied with 12ct colored pencils. If you want a larger set (24) you could get that. Not too large-desk space will be a problem.

·       We will have plenty of rulers. However, if you want your very own or some cool version- go for it.

·       Pencil top erasers, pink pearl, or kneaded rubber erasers would be handy. We have some pencil top erasers.

·       Scissors-optional. We have plenty.

·       A small bottle of hand sanitizer would be nice but not necessary.

·       No markers please.

·       No water bottles please.

·       We have all the paper and journals ready to go at school.

·       Multiplication facts cards 1-12 facts if needed for home use.

Last of all. If you are in a position to do so and would like to donate to our class to cover supplies such as hand sanitizer, tissues, and class projects a $20.00 donation would really be appreciated. Checks made out to Foothill Elementary or cash.

I hope this helps and I am looking forward to a great year.

Mr. Asay