Aloha Parents and Sixth Graders,

               I am excited to be your teacher this year! I am humbled by this opportunity to work with you and your families.  Let’s gear up for building relationships, experiencing adventures, creating projects, and having fun through learning!

               To start this year off right it’s important to be organized and in order to prepare for a wonderful year I would like you to bring in these supplies.

Supply List

·       Pencils (2 boxes) *** Ticonderoga are the best!

·       1 package of colored pencils

·       1 package of eraser tops for pencils

·       1 pocket folder (any kind and color)

·       1 self contained pencil sharpener

·       1 zipper pouch (to keep small tools organized like pencils and sharpener)

·       1 spiral notebook

·       a water bottle for classroom (use to alleviate long waits at the water fountain


Wish List

·       Hand sanitizer for class

·       Box of Kleenex

·       Clorox wipes

               Throughout the school year we will have several projects created in a variety of ways, look out for these items also:

·       3 sided display board

·       boxes (shoe box, medium sized boxes)

·       box of toothpicks

·       box of aluminum foil

               Lastly, if you are unable to donate supplies now, it’s not a problem. As the supplies are consumed donations are accepted later.  In addition if you would like to make a monetary donation of $25.00 it would be appreciated. Checks made out to Foothill Elementary or cash.  I am looking forward to seeing your imagination and creativity skills at work as you create your projects.