August 15, 2019 

 Dear Parents,

 Meeting your children and associating with them is so much fun!  I am excited to get to know them better as we begin this great learning adventure together.

I have already purchased all the basic supplies each child will need so that we would be ready to begin the year.  The following list includes things you may want for your child, or to donate to the classroom:

$25 classroom donation

Headphones (Every student needs a pair)

Baggies of various sizes

Hand Sanitizer

Soap for classroom sink




Copy paper

Colored copier paper

White Cardstock


Clorox wipes

Small items for class store


Poster board

Printer toner cartridge
HPCF226A (3000 copies)
HPCF226X (9000 copies)


Thanks so much for your generosity and support!

Mrs. Berger