Welcome back to school Parents and Students!

In the past, I have sent the students in my class a letter via the Postal Service to
welcome you back to school.  However, in an effort to help save paper and postage
costs in these tight budget times, you’re receiving this virtual letter.

August is here!  Can you believe it?  I hope you have all had a marvelous summer- full of all kinds of adventures!  Have you played hard?  Learned to be a better swimmer, tennis player, or some other sport?  Read lots of books?  Visited family and friends? Visited any National Parks?  Toured any National Historic sites?  Gone camping? Boating?  Hiking?  Worked in the yard and garden?  Helped your mom make jam? These are some of things I did the summer that I was 10 years old- and I still enjoy doing all of them today!

Now that August is here, it’s time to begin gearing back up for school.  By the first
day of school, there are few assignments that I would like you to complete so that
we can “hit the ground running”.

First, you should know all of your multiplication facts- up to and including the 12’s-
with automaticity!  (That’s a big, sixty-four- dollar word meaning “as well as you know how to spell your name, and as quickly as you can write your name.”)

Second, go to https://www.eduplace.com/ss/maps/pdf/uscap.pdf and print out the
map of the United States.  Color, in blue, the state or states that are the homes of
all your cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc . . . We’re going to use this data in our first week of school. You should also color, in red, any states you’ve visited this summer.  Be able to spell accurately the name of all of the above states.  Bring this on the first day of school.

Third, begin memorizing the complete names and capitals of all of the States east of
the Mississippi River.  Be able to identify the location on a map, as well as correctly
spell the name of the State AND its capital.  You’ll be tested on these the end of the
second week of school.  Begin studying now!

Fourth, each of you will need to decide on five objects which you currently have in
your possession that best tell about you!  These five items must fit within a gallon-
sized Ziploc plastic bag.  Please bring these on the second day of school.  DO NOT
write your name on the bag!  We’re going to use these for our Social Studies lessons
the first week of school.

School Supplies- It would be very helpful if you’re able to bring any of the following supplies to school.

For each child:

  • 3 hard-cover composition books (preferable three different colors)
  • 5 spiral notebooks- red, green, blue, yellow, purple
  • 5 two-pocket folders- red, green, blue, yellow, purple
  • pencils
  • a red ballpoint pen
  • a SMALL pencil box
  • 2 black erasable markers (standard wide-tip kind)
  • an old, clean sock
  • “Crayola 24” crayons
  • 12 colored pencils
  • a Homework folder- any kind/color/design you’d like.  Just note that a large binder will not be helpful because it won’t fit in your desk.

Donations will be happily accepted for general classroom all year:

  • lined 3-hole paper
  • index cards
  • post-it note cards
  • expo markers (a package of four colors)
  • a ream of plain, white printer paper

I’m looking forward to the year!  It’s going to be a great one!


Ms. Siebach